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For Your Health Our Units:

Remove chlorine:

Chlorine is used in municipal water supplies to destroy unhealthy elements. But chlorine itself has been linked to cancer, heart disease & strokes, and has been called the greatest killer and crippler of modern time. Unfiltered municipal water is highly chlorinated and may be harmful to your health.

Remove THMs:

What are THMs? Trihalomethanes are potential cancer-causing elements. They are formed when certain chemicals in water react with chlorine.

Remove Harmful Bacteria and other undesirable substances such as:

Algae, insecticides, molds, pesticides, fungi, organic chemicals, insects, blood worms, nematodes, chronic toxicants, dirt, chloroform, sludge, tannins, sand, pipe scale, silt and rust.


Enjoy the Benefits of

                             Pure Water at your fingertips..........


Drinking  Purified water is refreshing, thirst quenching, inexpensive,

and it has absolutely No calories! Use it to prepare coffee, tea, lemonade....

You can taste the difference!


Convenient  No lugging heavy bottles. No delivery problems.

Easy for the whole family to enjoy. Pure water at your fingertips

for all your needs. Your Refrigerator can be connected as well.



Cooking  Even if you rarely drink plain water, think of how much you


do consume in soups, sauces, gravies, etc. Use filtered water for all


your cooking needs.  Also great for washing raw fruits and vegetables.




Healthful  The water purifier removes all harmful elements while


leaving all the beneficial minerals. Feel secure preparing


baby’s food and formula. Good for the whole family



Economical  As opposed to bottled water, the in-home purifying system


 cost just pennies per gallon. It more than pays for itself.


An average family of four can save over $500.00 per year.




Dependable  You never run out of clean fresh water.


When unexpected guests arrive, there’s plenty


of pure water on hand for everyone.







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2   Silver carbon units:  Bactericidal units that remove chemicals, color, tastes, odors, and particles

                                             using inherent ingredients developed by N.A.S.A.

3   TYENT-ION TYENT advanced alkaline water ionizers.

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