Ultra Pure Water Cooler
CONVENIENT,  Point of Use Water Cooler with Reverse Osmosis or 5star gourmet filtration system gives you safe, clean, great tasting water, at the temperature you desire ---- Eliminates the hassle of 5 gallon bottles!


  • Three temperatures: Hot, Room and Cold
  • Easy to use Microprocessor Control....Separate Hot/Cold power switch...Re-boil switch to bring water to 212 degrees F....Automatic Heating shut-off when hot water tank is empty or hot temperature reached.
  • Built in Filtration System...3-stage RO unit or 5star Purifier system.
  • Automatic Float valve with solenoid shut-off.
  • High efficiency sealed compressor cooling system with adjustable cold water thermostat, 37-45 degrees F.
  • Type 304 Stainless Steel Hot and Cold Water tanks.
  • Easy Access front panel for service to RO or 5star filter.
  • Easy to clean, large capacity, room temperature reservoir.
  • Four models available:  3 temperature with RO or 5star --- Hot and cold only with RO or 5star.

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We have many types of water coolers available with our built in filtration systems, along with other products that work with our filters.
Water Fountain Wall Mount
Water Fountain with built in filter
Water Chiller for under counters
Glass filler bar bar glass filler
Bar Glass filler
The UP- deck mounted push back glass filler features a 9 5/16" high pedestal that offers plenty of space between the flow outlet and your countertop for simple filling of large tumblers and glasses! The glass and putcher filler unit also has a 15" neck for filling large pitchers and tall flasks. Both units have a blue push back arm that requires just a gentle touch to dispense water, while the flow outlets can be easily adjusted to accommodate your needs. These glass fillers boast instantaneous shut off to stop water flow when your glass is removed from the arm, making it perfect for high volume businesses.
We attch our U-35 Silver Carbon Unit to both Faucets Giving you an Excellent Quality Drinking Water Station

Bar faucet  pitcher filler
Bar Glass Filler with Pitcher Filler
Ultra Pure Shower Head Filter
"Quick&Hot" Hot Water Dispenser

$279.00  plus s&h

UP 3C-4 ....Reverse Osmosis System

$259.00.... plus s&h

4-Stage 75 GPD 3-Canister Version


All Fittings Quick Connect

3/8" Tank To Faucet Tubing


  • 75 gpd Reverse Osmosis Membrane: Fresh clean water is available quickly. Perfect for larger homes and offices.
  • Larger Tank: Holds 2.5 gallons of clean water.
  • 2-inch Lower Height: Makes it easier to fit under most sinks.
  • 3-Filter Canisters: Easy to replace all three filter elements yearly with no connectors to remove.
  • RO Membrane is Integral with the Housing/Encapsulated: Easier to install and replace.
  • Large Capacity Post-Filter is Coconut Shell Carbon: Last longer and provides the best tasting water.

UP Easy Pure.... Reverse Osmosis System

$359.00... plus 18.00 s&h

5-stage Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

  1. 1 Sediment Pre-filter, 5 micron Polyspun encapsulated twist-off cartridge
  2. 2 10 micron Carbon Block encapsulated twist-off cartridge
  3. 3 10 Micron Carbon block encapsulated twist-off cartridge
  4. 4 Reverse Osmosis membrane, TFC encapsulated 75 GPD @60psi pressure differential
  5. 5 In-line Post filter, Granular Activated Carbon

Tank.... 4 gallon plastic tank, pre-pressurized with butyl bladder

Features.... Easy Installation & Service!

  • Patented twist-off Filter cartridges - sanitary, quick and easy replacements
  • Quick Connect O-ring seal fittings - fast to install and service. reliable connections
  • Hi Capacity TFC Membrane, 75GPD - encapsulated for easy sanitary replacement
  • 3/8" tubing to faucet for faster flow - 1 gallon per minute flow. Great for thru-the-door refrigerator water dispenser
  • New 5-stage design - extra stage of activated carbon to handle volatile organic chemicals, odor and tastes

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