Why do we need Alkaline water?

 Normally people’s pH value should be between 7.35-7.45 in alkaline. However, very few people (in the world) actually have a normal and healthy alkaline level. Most people’s pH value is below 7.35, it is called an acidic physique in medical science. Acidic physique can cause: Weaker immune systems, general physical deterioration, emotional tension & trepidation, poor metabolism and a weaker excretion system, prone to constipation plus some illnesses like hepatitis, cancer, palsy, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and nervousness disease.

 One of the main reasons that cause our body to become acidic is our diet. People prefer acidic foods, such as meats and refined foods. Alkaline foods such as vegetables are preferable to help prevent the body from becoming acidic. Alkaline water is also more suitable for modern people of today because in many countries most cities sterilize their water with Chlorine. Chlorine makes drinking water “Acid” which is another reason alkaline water ionizers were developed.


Tyent Counter Top and Under Counter Water Ionizers
Tyent MMP-9090
Available in White and Stainless Steel
Health, Longevity & Akaline Water
Many scientists found the secret of health & longevity in the famous long-life villages, like Yuzurihara in Japan, Turpan of Xingjiang in China, Fenzha in Pakistan and the Caucasus area (during the former Soviet Union). The people live in these areas have longer life than others in the world. All are attributed to their drinking water with no pollution, small molecules and slightly Alkaline.


Tyent 9000T Under Counter Ionizer

  • Tyent Quality & Ease of Use, Convenient Under-Counter Design
  • Sleek, Stylish Faucet
  • First Under Counter Water Ionizer with TURBO Function
  • Easy to Use, Easy to Adjust
  • Every Preset Fully Adjustable from the Faucet Control Panel
  • Voice Guided Function
Full-Color Control Panel Indicators for Every pH level.
The Tyent 9000T raises the bar in power, performance and ease of use in under-counter water ionizers. Tyent's 9000T under counter water ionizer boasts 9 platinum coated titanium plates and 375 watts of power.

The switched mode power supply, or SMPS, ensures that power is delivered to the plates at the optimal level at each of the presets and the plates are hybrid-mesh designed - the most advanced and effective plate design for ionization.

Modeled after the iPhone, the touchscreen control panel offers one-touch selection for water production at any pH level. Fine tuning the power settings, adjusting the volume and every other option offered is easily accessed through the set up control panel with the same light touch of your finger.

You can adjust the level of power delivered to the plates at each of the alkaline and acidic presets based on your source water so that you can get the pH level you want at each of the one-touch settings. The hybrid-mesh plates are made of medical grade titanium. "Hybrid-mesh" texturing is created by cutting small holes into the plates which are then dipped in platinum, baked, then dipped and baked again to ensure even and long-lasting coverage.

The dual filtration system includes one activated carbon filter and one ceramic filter. Combined, these two filters provide effective contaminant removal and pre-condition the water for maximum ionization. The Tyent 9000T always displays your remaining filter life on the control panel screen. Most owners can expect the filters to effectively remove contaminants for 6 to 9 months, depending on your source water, based on producing 20 liters of water a day.

The Tyent UCE 9000T's full color display always shows the type of water you are producing. When you make your pH selection, the voice alert tells confirms your selection - as the 9000T begins producing the level of water you have selected, the screen displays an image with the a background that corresponds to the pH level as represented by the pH color chart.


Tyent 9000-T Video

Tyent 9000T Counter Ionizer 

  • 375 Watts of Power
  • 9 Hybrid Mesh Plates
  • TRUE One-Touch-Operation
  • Voice Guided Function
  • pH Range from 12.0 to 2.5 in most areas
  • Lifetime Warranty on Parts & Labor
  • Choice of Black or White with Stainless Steel Face

      Tyent 9090 Turbo Extreme Counter Top Unit


TYENT 9090-T Counter Unit

All 9-plate water ionizers are NOT the same.

Tyent took the time to thoroughly research and test their 9090 TURBO Extreme model to ensure the proper plate/power balance - and that's important. More plates without extra wattage means nothing. And just raising the wattage can cause premature wear and tear on the plates. The Tyent 9090 TURBO Extreme water ionizer was designed to deliver enough wattage to each of the 9 plate to produce the strongest possible alkaline and acidic levels possible while maintaining the long-term integrity of the plates.

Each of the 9 plates have been dipped in platinum, baked, then dipped and baked again to ensure proper and long-lasting platinum coating over the titanium. Proper distribution of the correct amount of power to each plate protects them from premature aging or wear. The SMPS power system delivers optimal power at consistent levels at each of the presets, without the fluctuations often experienced with transformer power systems.
The Tyent 9090 TURBO Extreme features one-touch operation. A simple touch of your finger on the control screen tells the unit to dispense the water at the pH level you desire.
The control panel changes color to correspond to the pH level you have selected.
Each selection you make offers the option of voice guides - audio alerts confirming your selection. The volume on the voice-controls can be adjusted up or down or you can choose to turn them off completely. An alarm "chime" will sound when the unit is in cleaning mode or if you have selected a pH level that is considered unsafe for drinking.



We realized from the very beginning that we had a decision to make as we set out to create the highest quality water ionization system ever created. Do we take short cuts and make compromises with regards to quality in order to make our units as affordable as possible? Or do we use the biggest, strongest, highest quality components available with hopes that we will be the choice for those that demand the best for themselves and their family?

The decision turned out to be an easy one, and so we set out to have what is now known across the industry as the standard by which all others try to compete.

The high standards that we have set have given us bragging rights for the verifiable physical differences that set Tyent USA apart from the rest. If you have spent any time at all researching our industry you probably found very quickly that everyone has an opinion, and that it seems difficult to make sense of it all.

So how do you really find the best machine with so many videos, so many opinions, so many stTake a look at the 15 Reasons for Tyent that we listed below.

1.) Largest plate surface area in the industry
Our machines have 9 of the largest plates in the industry. Larger plates mean stronger alkaline and acidic water capabilities, stronger PH, stronger ORP, and maximally beneficial water. Our medical grade titanium plates are coated with the highest quality platinum available. Our 10x system means that our plates are dipped 10 times with platinum and then baked to ensure quality and longevity.

2.) Hybrid plate technology
Our plates have the durability of solid plates with the correct placement of electrolysis distribution vents for maximum surface area.

3.) 375 watts of power
Our Turbo machine has the most power in the industry. The power works closely with the plates to create the beneficial properties of the water. More power means that extreme super waters can be created without chemicals.

4.) Extreme filtration
The Tyent line of water ionizers has the largest physical filters in the industry. Do not overlook the physical size of the filters. Larger physical filter size means there is more room for the filtration media, and with more filtration media, you will get the best filtration available in the industry.

5.) Forever Guarantee
Our lifetime warranty does not contain the word “limited” because there very simply aren’t any limits. Read our warranty carefully and then compare it to our competitor’s warranties. We have no stipulations, no fine print, and no doubt that your water ionizer will last a lifetime. In fact the only thing our warranty doesn’t cover is intentional or accidental physical damage from the result of dropping the unit off a building for example. Besides that , you are covered regardless of your water type or how much water you produce.

6.) Super Water Capability
Tyent coined the termed “Super Water” and we are still the ONLY machine with large enough plates and enough power to produce super water without chemicals. Super water means that we have a range of 2.3 to 12.0 on the PH scale. As with all chemical free machines, these levels are always based on your source water.

7.) Korean Food and Drug Administration approval
Our machine is a certified medical device in Korea and is used by hundreds of doctors in Asia to help a plethora of conditions.

8.) ISO Certifications
Our factory is both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The ISO is the international standards organization and it means quality control is up to par.

9.) CSA & UL approved
CSA organization uses the same standards as Underwriters Laboratories which is also known as UL. Tyent USA is both CSA and UL approved.

10.) SMPS Power
A switched managed power supply (SMPS) is the same power technology that is used in flat panel televisions. It is reliable, it doesn’t get hot like an old school transformer, and it allows you to adjust your power based on your source water.

11.) Over 50 power settings
With our advanced SMPS power system, you can adjust your Tyent water ionizer so that is creating the best water based on where you live. The water that flows from your faucet has specific characteristics that should not be ignored. With the ability to dial in your Tyent Water Ionizer based on your source water is a benefit that will give you the flexibility to create great water no matter where you live.

12.) One Touch Technology
Our machines are the only machines in the industry that have true one touch technology. With only one touch of a button, you can have clean, healthy water anytime. Our machines are easy enough for children, seniors, and everyone in between.

13.) Chemical and Lead Free
Our machines are certified chemical and lead free. Insist on chemical free. Regardless of what you are told by the sellers of chemical based machines, these chemicals travel through the same water cell that your drinking water comes from, so logic will tell you that traces of this chemical will be in your drinking water.

14.) ABT
Our anti-bacterial technology means that our machines have the ability to kill micro organisms and other living bacteria found in water that could be potentially harmful. This technology eliminates the need for a UV light and is more effective at killing bacteria.

15.) PAST Cleaning system
Our Polarity Anti Scale Technology (PAST) is the most advanced cleaning system in the industry. Better cleaning means longer lasting components and healthier water.

The 15 Reasons for Tyent listed above are verifiable facts. These 15 things mean that we don’t need to make excuses or twist the truth. We simply have the biggest, strongest, and most advanced components, so we produce the very best chemical free ionized water in the industry. Our lifetime warranty means that you can be certain that we believe in and stand behind our products.

Buy Once, Buy Right, Buy Tyent!


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What to Expect when Drinking Ionized Water

By Dr. Robert F. McCauley, Sr.

  • Dr Robert F. McCauley, Sr. was born and raised in the Southwestern United States, Texas and New Mexico
  • Dr. McCauley served in W.W.II as a Lieutenant Colonel in North Africa and Central Asia.
  • He received his Masters Degree from Michigan State University in 1951 (Civil/Sanitary Engineering)
  • He received his Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) in 1953 for his thesis on Removing Radioactive Strontium from water. 
  • He taught civil, sanitary and environmental engineering at Michigan State University for 18 years before retiring to run Wolverine Engineers & Surveyors of Mason, MI for 17 years.
  • With his business partner, George Young, they transformed the company into one of the most respected and well-known engineering firms in mid-Michigan.
  • Dr. McCauley is credited with the invention and development of calcite coating for water main pipes, which keeps them from rusting.

 Living Water: What to Expect from Drinking Ionized Water

  •  The first thing that Ionized Water does to the body when a person begins drinking it is flush out the digestive tract, which is the best place for detoxification to start.
  •  This cleansing alone will significantly improve your potential for better health.
  •  The body cannot take in nutrients if the digestive tract is not clean.
  •  Enzymes continue their chemical attack on the food to break it down throughout the digestive process until it is small enough to pass through the lining of the small intestine and into the blood.
  •  Once there, the nutrients are carried away to the liver and other body parts to be processed, stored and distributed.
  •  None of this happens if the digestive tract is not clean of debris.


  • Living on a cooked food diet over a long period of time creates a layer of mucous throughout the digestive tract known as mucoid plaque, which deposits on the intestines where nutrients are absorbed into the body.
  • Mucoid plaque is a dark greenish substance that has the consistency of rubber.
  • As it becomes thicker over the years, we develop nutritional deficiencies (even though we eat three meals a day that we believe are healthy).
  • Our intestines become museums of partially digested, putrefying foods, drugs and other toxins that have never found their way out of the body.
  • The intestines can swell to many times its size with only a pencil-size opening for faces to pass through.
  • Even though we may be overeating, we are starving ourselves under these conditions, because the body cannot absorb nutrients.
  • Eating should never be confused with health.
  • Many parents believe that as long as their child is eating, they are healthy and this certainly is not the case.
  • All that matters when it comes to health is what foods we put in our body, not the frequency or quality.


  • If your small intestines are not clean and the actual lining wall isn’t exposed, nutrients cannot get into the blood stream to be used by the body.
  • Ionized Water is a terrific cleanser of the digestive tract because of its small water molecule clusters.
  • It penetrates the mucoid plaque that is attached to the intestinal lining helping to remove it; once the surface of the lining is clean, the water then penetrates the lining itself to further cleanse and hydrate it so nutrients can pass into the blood with greater ease.
  • When this happens, assimilation of nutrients to the body returns and the early stages of cellular rejuvenation can begin.
  • People comment how often they have to go to the bathroom when they first start drinking Ionized Water.
  • This is because the water is cleansing your digestive tract quite thoroughly.
  • It will subside once your body becomes accustomed to drinking Ionized Water.
  • After you’ve been drinking Ionized Water for a while you will become much more sensitive to whether or not you are actually dehydrated. For example, I become aware that my body needs water after only an hour or so of not drinking any water.
  • Simply by keeping my body constantly hydrated, I am accomplishing many things that are necessary to achieve great health.
  • Staying hydrated helps stave off disease better than anything else we can possibly do for ourselves.
  • When we are hydrated our blood is never too thin or too thick because of the lack of water or salt we will not retain salt nor have high blood pressure when we drink enough water. Our organs function optimally because they are not starved for water, especially the kidneys. 
  • Like any muscle, regular use of the kidneys only strengthens them. A common misconception is that drinking too much water can overtax the kidneys.
  • If you have weak kidneys from living on a cooked-food diet, start by drinking weak Ionized Water
  • (8.0 pH) then increase it slightly each day.
  • When we provide the body with real nutrients from raw foods and drink enough water, weak kidneys can become powerful, flexing muscles once again, the way they were meant to be.
  • This is true of any muscle or organ in the body.
  • In the first few days of drinking Ionized Water you will not be able to quench your thirst. This is because your body is crying out for something it has rarely, if ever, experienced before: true hydration of its cells
  • The thirst mechanism in your body has been turned on for the first time in years, perhaps the first time in your life.
  • We develop many ways to turn off our thirst of ignore it completely with foods of liquids that couldn’t possibly hydrate us.
  • Everyone’s body has various degrees of toxicity, thus the effects of Ionized Water on your body will be slightly different than everyone else. It will depend on your historical and current diet, how much water you consume, how much you exercise, how positive a person you are, how stressful your life is, how much medicine you take now and in the past and how toxic you are.
  • Regardless of that, Ionized Water benefits everyone who consumes it.


  • Drinking Ionized Water reduces the body’s acid level as it balances the body’s overall pH, which is not measured through the blood, but through the urine and saliva.
  • However, raising the overall body pH will most likely take some time.
  • Acid waste does not accumulate through out the body overnight and it will not be flushed out overnight.
  • Years of accumulated acid waste in the joints, around the organs, in the brain and throughout the body takes months and even years to completely expunge.
  • As to how quickly you will rid the body of acid waste will of courts also depend on your diet.


  • Consistently drinking Ionized Water increases blood oxygen and energy levels.
  • Oxygen sharpens alertness because the brain is functioning closer to capacity when it is highly oxygenated.
  • Oxygen is a nutrient that can become saturated in the blood, but the body cannot store it.
  • Thus it is crucial that we constantly provide our bodies with a steady intake of oxygen.
  • This can be achieved with Ionized Water fresh out of the tap because that is when it is at its greatest potential to provide the body with oxygen.
  • Oxygen carries nutrients around the body, provides us with energy, and kills bacteria, viruses and even cancer cells.
  • Millions of years ago the atmosphere contained as much as 30% more oxygen than it does today.
  • We evolved in a richer oxygen environment than we find ourselves in today, thus our need for oxygen is of great importance. 


  • The oxygen derived from Ionized Water arrives to the body in the form of an extremely potent antioxidant that has an extra electron attached to it and is known as a hydroxyl ion (OH-)
  • It is produced when water is run over positive and negative electrodes and there is a shift of electrons from one molecule to another.
  • This hydroxyl ion has an oxygen molecule that carries an extra electron which is donated to a free radical in the body, therefore it is considered a free radical scavenger.
  • What remains are two stable oxygen molecules and a higher blood oxygen level instead of only one free radical that will cause damage.
  • Consuming Ionized Water bathes the interior of the body in a negatively charged liquid, which promotes rejuvenation of each bodily system at a cellular level.
  • All fresh raw foods also have a negative charge or ORP.
  • Fresh squeezed orange juice carries a negative ORP of –50 to –300 (mu)
  • The lower the negative number, the better is for the body; the higher the positive number, the worse it is.
  • On average, chlorinated city water has a positive +700 ORP, thus it is quite oxidizing and should never be consumed.
  • Anything that is being oxidized, or has the potential to oxidize another substance, has a positive ORP.
  • Our bodies are constantly being attacked by oxidation in the form of free radicals; the older we are, the higher our body’s ORP becomes.
  • When we drink negatively charged substances such as Ionized Water, this oxidation is retarded and our body’s cells are in a better position to rejuvenate, or de-age, themselves.
  • Water has a low atomic weight (18) and when ionized through electrolysis, it becomes the most absorbable antioxidant known.
  • Essentially, we are reversing the aging process. However, we do not become younger in chronological years, which means that if we are 40 years old we do not become 20 again. Rather, we possess the body we had when we were in our twenties at a cellular level. 
  • This means that the cells that make up my body are as active, productive, communicative and functional as those I had when I was supposedly in my prime and even potentially better.
  • Thus, I have reversed my biological, not chronological clock.

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What is ORP? Why is it so important?

The ORP of alkaline water is where alkaline ionized water drinkers get the biggest benefits.

“Oxidation Reduction Potential” or “ORP” as it is referred to in the water ionizer industry, equals

antioxidant potential. While drinking alkaline water offers benefits over drinking regular tap or bottled water, the ORP of the water is the true measure of it’s potential health benefits.

Not all “alkaline water” is equal when it comes to ORP

Alkaline water that has been produced by a water ionizer will have a high “negative ORP” The “negative”

implies the “reduction” power ORP of the water. Most tap and bottled water will have a positive ORP - some

bottled alkaline water will have a slight negative ORP - but if you are looking for water that is not only alkaline but loaded with antioxidant properties, Tyent alkaline ionized water is the way to go.

How Good ORP is Achieved

There are a number of bottled waters on the market that claim to be “alkaline” and carry the negative charge which creates the negative ORP number, but none will compare to the water produced by a Tyent water ionizer.

These bottled versions of “structured” or “alkaline” or “antioxidant”“ water have been treated with a blend of minerals which interact to elevate the pH and interact with the water molecules to create a mild negative ORP. While these bottled waters are a better choice than regular tap water or common types of bottled water, they still don’t offer the more significant antioxidant potential found in Tyent water that has been “ionized.”

Water with the highest negative ORP is created by the process of electrolysis – an electrical current delivered to stimulate the separation of elements. Water ionizers are simply “water electrolysis” machines with filtration to remove common contaminants from the water for drinking. Every Tyent water ionizer has an electrolysis chamber containing the largest highly conductive plates in the industry which deliver an electrical current to the water. The electrical current delivered during the electrolysis – or ionization – process creates a separation of the elements that make up the water at a molecular level. The elements/minerals that carry a negative charge are drawn to one side of the chamber and those carrying a positive charge are drawn to another. The water with the negative charge is dispensed from one area of the water ionizer creating drinking water with a high number of negatively charged electrons – or high ORP (oxidation reduction potential.) Water containing the positively charged electrons is released through a separate hose.

Through the ionization process, water with high ORP is created. Nothing has been “added” to the water and the water ionizer’s filtration system has removed most common contaminants like chlorine and VOC’s. The negative ions in the water, when consumed, actively seek out positively charged electrons in the body – oxidizing elements in our bodies – reducing oxidation that contributes to illness and age-related diseases-acting as an anti-oxidant.

Tyent Alkaline Ionized Water

Drinking alkaline water is definitely a step in the right direction. You are reducing your acid intake. The alkaline ionized water produced by most water ionizers on the market will have an ORP of at least -300 at the 9.5 pH level recommended for drinking. The Tyent water ionizers are producing an ORP of -450 to -600 (sometimes -800 depending on source water) at the 9.5pH level and -200 to -400 at the lower alkaline settings. That’s a big difference when compared to other ionizers out on the market today. The reason Tyent Ionizers do so well with the –ORP and pH levels is because of 2 simple things..
Plates and Power

***Remember… The larger the surface area and more power behind the water ionizer equals more of an effect on the water = more benefits or results to the people who are drinking the water! Period!

It is quite simple formula above…it doesn’t matter the name or brand of the ionizer itself it depends on those two things mentioned …Plates and Power! That is why the Tyent brand stands out from the rest in the water ionizer industry. There is no other water ionizer that has more surface area or power than the Tyent 9090 Turbo unit or the Tyent 9000T under the counter model…no other ionizer can compete or compare! The higher ORP levels do a better job of reducing oxidizing toxins from the body. The molecular restructuring of the water makes it more readily absorbed by the body and therefore more hydrating. The ionization process makes the oxygen in the water more readily available to help increase mental and physical energy levels.

Tyent alkaline ionized water...when only the best will do!
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